About us

Who We Are?

"Get Me Halal" provides a platform to customers who are looking for Halal places (Halal Restaurants & Meat Shops) nearby. You all know, how difficult it is to find Halal places. Therefore, we provide a platform where you can find nearest Halal places and order for a delivery or pickup. Just go to getmehalal.com or download our Android & iOS app, and it will show you nearest Halal places where you can order and satisfy your taste buds.

What We Do?

"Get Me Halal" is committed to bring your favourite Halal places near you. We're transforming and taking the Halal food/meat business to the next level. We've made it easier for you to find out nearest Certified & Uncertified Halal places just a click of a button away. Customers looking for Halal places no need to worry anymore about unauthentic Halal places. We provide a simple easy way to order a Halal delivery or pickup. All places in our system are Certified and Uncertified Halal. places that are certified, Halal Certificates will be upload on each Certified Halal place. Other places who also call themselves Halal but are not certified will also be shown.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the pioneer in online Halal food/meat order business. As we all know there is almost no platform to provide for the customers who are looking for online Halal food/meat ordering system. Therefore, our focus is to provide a platform where our customers can search for the best nearby Halal places you order in a timely manner.