Vendor FAQs

Steps for completing an order?

Step 1: Accept the Order

Step 2: Prepare the Order

Step 3: Make the order ready for pickup or delivery

Step 4: Order is picked up or delivered

What is is a platform, which we provide to Vendors(Halal Restaurants & Halal Meat Shops) in which the vendors can list their items through our platform & we help them sell it to end users.

How works? provides a platform in which customers place an order to vendor through Our platform. we provide customers to Vendors (Restaurants & Meat Shops), and help increase business for vendors.

How do I (Vendor) Setup their account?

It is very easy for vendors to set up their just click on the link we provide, fill in the information & follow the steps to setup stripe account.

How do I receive my payment? And how long it takes to receive payments?

When user makes an order, the payment straight away goes to vendor account, but it takes 1-2 business days to reflect in Vendor business account.

What if we have payment issues from customers?

We give financial independence to Vendors issue refunds, cancel orders & receive payments. If there are any conflicts or issues regarding payments, Vendor have the right to cancel the order, withhold funds or refund the payment.

What happens if we forget an item for in the order?

It is the sole responsibility of the Vendor to Fulfill the orders. If there is any mistake in the order on the vendor side, Vendor has to resolve the disputes, By refunding the amount, Sending back order, or any other way customer demands.

How long it takes to set up a place on

 Vendors can set up a place upto 24-48 hours. Just fill in your information & we make sure to put you on 

What if we delivered wrong delivery order?

If a place delivers a wrong delivery order, then vendor has to take the responsibility on how to resolve the order, either refund the money or send a new order.

What to do when we receive an order?

When there is an incoming order, A vendor must accept or reject the order according to the availability, timings or any other reason. If order is accepted, Vendor have to complete the order by following & updating the steps displayed on the app (Accept, preparation, ready for delivery/ready for pickup, Delivered/Picked Up)

What if I don't want to receive orders?

If you don't want to receive orders, you can change availability status, Just go to Availability status & select closed or busy. You will no longer receive the orders until you turn it back on.

What if I want to cancel an accepted order?

If you accepted an order, and you want to cancel it, just select cancel order, because once you click preparation, you cannot cancel the order.

What to do if customer wants to cancel the order?

If customer wants to cancel the order, it depends on the vendor either to cancel the order and refund or charge customers full or partial amount or cancellation fee if an order has already been prepared.

What happens if i receive an order for an item which I ran out of?

If you received an order for an item you ran out off, you can contact the customer & ask him/her either to change the order, refund the amount or cancel the order. You can also reject an order right away if you received the order for an item you ran out off.

What are scheduled order?

Scheduled order are the pickup or delivery orders, in which a user places an order in advance at a future specified time during the place's working hours. It is up to the vendor to accept or reject a scheduled order.

I am not receiving order on my Tablet?

Restart the tablet, reconnect the internet & Launch the app, hopefully you will start getting the orders again. Make sure you clear the clear the completed orders by clicking delivered or picked up. If it still does not solve the problem, feel free to contact us anytime on contact us page.

I am unable to accept the order? What should I do?

Make sure to close the app & restart the Tablet, reconnect the internet and restart the app. It should be working now, if it still does not work you can contact us on our email or phone number mentioned in the contact us.

I am not getting notification for an incoming order?

Make sure notifications are turned on, and volume is set to full. If still you are not getting notifications, restart the tablet, reconnect internet & relaunch the app. If it still does not work contact us anytime on our contact us page.

How do I update my vendor app?

You can update the vendor app in Google Play store. Go to google play store & select update apps & then select Get me Halal app, If a new update is available, select update, if new update is not available just wait for a new update to come. Or you can select auto update apps.

App crashes all day?

If your app crashes all day, you can check for an update in the google play store. Update the app if update is available, restart the device, reconnect the internet & relaunch the vendor app, if it still crashing, contact us anytime on our contact us page.

I can't change the order type. what should I do?

I can't reject the order?

Device is not connecting to the internet?

Make sure your wifi is working properly, and the password is entered correctly. Restart the device and then open the app. if it still does not work please contact us on our email or phone number

My place is not available on listing, what should I do?

Make sure you selected your delivery timings, coverage area correctly and your place is open in the availability status. if still it is not visible please feel free to contact us anytime.

How to change delivery or pickup timings?

When you sign up for vendor account, you will get username & password which you can use  to change delivery & pickup timings. Just log in to your account & select your preferred timings.

What if I want to close my place early?

If you want to close your place early just go the the availability status & select close. You will be shown close to the users.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, just click forgot my password and you will be redirected to a secure password reset page where you will be able to reset your password by email or phone number provided.

How can I view my order history?

Go to the order history in the Vendor app where you will be able to see all orders you received.

How can i change my holiday hours?

Simply login with your username & password you created at the time of sign up, you will be able to change the hours of operation of your place.

Can I choose my delivery area coverage?

Yes, you will be able to choose the delivery coverage area at the time of sign up. If later you want to change the delivery coverage area, you have to ask us to delete the previous coverage area, then you will be able to change it.

How to change phone number or address?

Can I extend my delivery coverage area?

How to update an item?

When a vendor registers to we give vendor the authority to create. edit or delete an item from the menu.

How to edit my menu?

When a vendor registers to we give vendor the authority to edit the menu.

How to make a refund for a missed or canceled order?

In order for a vendor to make a refund for a missed or canceled order, Vendor simply have to login to stripe account with the email and password, and issue a refund.

Do I need a printer to operate?

No, you do not need a printer to operate the orders, orders are all received, prepared & delivered using the Vendor app.

Order is still on the list after completion?

Who will make delivery?

Vendor is responsible to make delivery orders. do not have any order delivery fleet or drivers. 

How can I see my sales data?

All sales data will be available on stripe account, and also in order history on the vendor app.

How can I manage orders when I am busy?

It depends on your capacity how much order you can manage at once. If you believe you the amount of orders you already received are difficult to process, you can simply select availability status to busy. You will no longer receive any order untill you turn the availability status back to open.

What is a service fee?

Service fee is the amount charges from the users by providing them with our services.

How much do I have to pay to only charges a 5% commission on order subtotal from Vendors, which is lowest in the market.