Set up Stripe Account

Setting up Stripe is easy, but we suggest having ALL your information together before you start.

What's needed to set-up your Stripe account:

  1. Business Address & Business Phone
  2. Your business type (Sole Proprietor, Single Member LLC, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership etc...)
  3. Tax ID
  4. Your website address http:// or  Product Description
  5. Business Description, Write Business Description (eg. Local Restaurant)
  6. How long after paying will your customers typically receive their goods or services? (Within one day)
  7. Your personal details such as first & last name,  job title, phone number, home address 
  8. Statement Descriptor (Company Name) Doing Business as it should appear on your customer's credit card statement. This is important to reduce chargeback's.
  9. Support Phone Number & Customer Support Address (Use Business Address)
  10. Bank details such as routing number and checking account number for despot the money purpose
  11. Two-Step authentication (Make Sure to enter your Mobile number by selecting "Get text message" & you will receive a code on your phone)
  12. Enter Your email & password to create the stripe account for future use such as account history payment details.
  13. Click on the Authorize access to this account.
  14. Login to the email you provided for account creation & confirm your account by entering the code you get on you mobile phone & you are done. Enjoy!
  • Stripe lets you process credit and debit card payments online easily, quickly and securely and is the best way to take payments online. Click the button below to get set up with Stripe (takes about 5 minutes) and you will be ready to go.


Remember that Get Me Halal should not have access to this information.  You should pick a password that is not the same as your Get Me Halal password.

This will take you back to Get Me Halal Confirmation page and also it will show in your Dashboard that your Stripe account is connected.

** Be sure to save your information and click the blue button to go back to Get Me Halal Website. If you do not, your Stripe account will NOT be connected to your account.

Once your Stripe account is connected to your ACCOUNT in Get Me Halal, you are ready to roll!


Your first payment will take 3-5 days to appear in your bank account, but after that your deposits are made 2 business days after each order.