Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For customers to place and order for delivery or pickup "Get Me Halal" may collect personal infomation, such as name, mobile number or location etc.. It Helps "Get Me Halal" to provide our services to customers best way possible.

Information Collection

Our system collect the following information autmatically when you go to our website, or download our Android or iOS app.

Your IP address  Your internet's providers domain name  Your device information where you use our services  The browser you are using  The pages and clicks you do and visit on "Get Me Halal"

Information Usage

The information we gathered from you, may be used for the following 

Give you recommendations on your past order  Connect you to nearby Halal places for the location you provided  Satisy your orders and provide you with the order reciepts  Connect you to places where you can order  Contact you for your support  Answer your questions and solve your problems  Improve our service  Your feedback and satisfaction  To understand customers interests

Information about Location

We collect Location Information in order to provide best customer experience and show you nearest Halal places. Location information is also used for Food/Meat delivery, so the customer can check and find the status of their orders for their satisfaction. We use accurate location in order to deliver fast and precise.

Information Sharing

We may use your information in ourder to to improve our services, and we may share your information to other entities that provide services to us such as data processing, data analytics, consumer behaviour and ads.

Data keeping

We will keep your data as long as you use our service in order to provide you with the best service. As soon as you delete your account your data will be permanently deleted from our system. If required by law we may keep your data for legal purposes.

Legal Implications

"Get me Halal" keeps customers data, and we accept it cantains private information about customers. In case of any legal issue, we may use customers information to defend us in the court of law and respond to law enforcement authorities.

Social Networks

You can use your Facebook or gmail information to login. When you use those network to sign in we will collect your information and store it in our system for future login, order history and saved address and payment information for your convience. It will help us to facilitate our customers for faster login and convinient order pickup and delivery. You may use social networking sites to share posts, blogs and other material. 

Changes in Privacy statement

Our privacy statement is subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is best for customers to stay updated regarding our privacy policy. If you are using our services, and we change privacy policy, all the legal and private matters will be dealt with the new policy.


"Get Me Halal" is using tools that keep the customers information security as our first priority. we do our best to keep our customer's information safe and secure, but we do not gurantee the safety of information.

Contact Us

If you need any inquiry or you have any questions regarding "Get Me Halal's" privacy policy, you can always contact us on "Contact us" button under Quick Links tab at the bottom of our homepage.