Once you log in into my account, click on orders, and you will see your order's history, your recent/past orders will display. The status will display there.

If you want to cancel an ASAP pickup or delivery order, please call the Place where you placed the order. Make sure to call them right away, or they may not be able to cancel the order once the food is already packed.

Get me Halal has a certificate status bottom for place whose certificate is valid. You can check this in any place, once you click on the place's name, in the upper part of the site you'll find the "Halal Certified Status" bottom next to "About Place"

In order to place a delivery order, places may require a minimum amount. The ammout may vary depending on place's policies. There’s never a minimum for pickup orders. Keep in mind that delivery fees, tax, and tip don’t apply to order minimums in most cases.

You can find place details such as business hours, place location, phone number and their food category on places's "About Me" tab at the bottom.

If there is a problem with your order due to place's negligence, you can contact the place immediately ask them to cancel or send the new order or refund the full amount. If the dispute is still not being resolved you may Contact us here anytime to review your case.

After you place an order, you can go to my account tab to see your order reciept or download it in PDF format.

Yes, Once you have selected your order, you will see "ASAP" & "Later," options in Checkout. Select the later option and choose your desired delivery date and time.

Once you place an order, it is sent to place for confirmation. You can always see your order status in the orders button in "My Account tab."

If your delivery if taking more time, then you may contact the place in order to follow up, change or cancel the order.

You can always add, change or delete your delivery information on "Address" in "My Account" tab.

At checkout, you will be given two options (i) Pay in-person (ii) Online. you don't need to enter payment information in Pay in-person option because you will be charged cash when delivery comes to your home. When you select online option, it will take you to a secure online payment page where you will fill your payment information.

To update your account information, go to "Profile" in "My Account" tab on the top right of the screen.

If you placed an order, but it was damaged or you didn't  receive it and you have the receipt. You can cantact the place for change/cancel the order or ask for a full refund. 

If your order had wrong or missing items, you may contact the place immediately to correct the order or send the missing items.

The time is usually calculated on delivery distance and food preparation time. Your order will depend on the distance of the place from where you order and how much time they take to prepare your order.

No, You cannot place orders from different place in the same order, but you can place multiple orders from the same place and you can also place two seperate orders from two same places.

If you add tips on checkout page. It will be included in your bill total.

Restaurants usually charge a delivery fee in order to cover up their gas costs and the money paid to their drivers. 

In order to review a place you will see stars at the bottom of every place. Rate the place as per you liking a new screen will popup to add comments. Rate the place and leave a comment.

To search for places, go to home screen you will be asked to enter your location or a "Locate Me" button. Enter your address and you will see nearby that deliver to you or offers pickup.

Yes, Once you entered your location you will see the places nearby. You will see the filter button in order to refine your search according to your preference of Sort, Cusines and Certified and Uncertified Halal places.

Yes, at homepage you will be asked to enter your location, once you enter your location all places nearby will be shown. To change the location again you will see the "Change Location" button on top left of the places.

If the location you want your order to be delivered is in the coverage area of "Get Me Halal," your order will be delivered. Make sure to enter the correct address where you want to receive your order.

In order to make a special request, you will be asked to add special intructions when you select an item to order.

We give our valued customers two payment methods. Customers can pay either in-person (Cash on Delivery) or pay online via debit or credit card.

Ratings and reviews come from the customers who use our services. Each place has different rating and review based on customers satisfaction with the place.

If you want to contact "Get Me Halal" directly, you can go to "Contact Us" button under the Quick Links tab and leave your inquiry or questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes, all places charge a small delivery fee is between $2.99 to $6.99.

No, It is sole responsibility of the place to protect the delivery. In case of any damage, places will be liable to accomodate the customers for their damaged delivery.

As soon as you place an order you will be charged. If you have an issue with the payment, you can always cantact the place to resolve the problem.

"Get Me Halal" provides platform to places and customers for order delivery or pickup. If a customer wants to cancel the order, customer may contact the place and request cancellation.

"Get Me Halal" is bringing best Certified Halal places in your city.

If you cancelled your order and still see a charge in your account, you may ask the place to refund the amount or contact "Get Me Halal."

Yes, when you place an order, you will get push notification and a receipt of your order in email.

If you are looking for Halal Food/Meat nearby. "Get Me Halal" is the best place to search. Just go to our Website or download our app and you are good to go!

The listed Halal places deliver your food/meat. It falls under the responsibilty of the place where you order. In case of any problem we provide our customers to contact the place during their days of operations and working hours.

Yes, we use secure and encrypted servers, cloud and payment systems in order to maintain customers trust and privacy.

If you qualify for a refund, it may take up to 2-4 business day to your money back.

Halal means permissible or allowed. A Food/Meat is called Halal when it follows the guidlines set by Islamic way to slaughter animals.

Get Me Halal integrates with its pizzeria partner’s existing service model. When Get Me Halal partner shops offer delivery, they are staffed by the restaurant’s employees and Get Me Halal is not involved in that aspect of the order fulfillment.